Coca Cola Redesigning Corporate Website

Coca cola has been quenching our thirst for years now. The world, however, is going digital and a prominent website and strong online presence has become must have to gain popularity even for an established company like Coca Cola. The company is revamping its corporate website, adopting a new approach akin to a consumer magazine than a business website as per the press release on 12th November 2012.

The website will now look like an online magazine, called ‘The Coca Cola Journey’ and it will offer articles on subjects like environment, entertainment, health and sports. It will also feature interviews, opinion columns, photo galleries and blogs. The website draws 1.2 million visitors a month and believes this new website will help them connect better with the younger generations.

The content for this new website is being developed by four full time writers, along with 40 freelance writers and photographers. The company plans to promote this new website with search engine marketing on Google, ads on LinkedIn and through the thousands of associates, customers and partners Coca Cola has across the world. A refreshing drink, a refreshing new website; Coca Cola is going the right way!

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