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Voluntary and Compulsory Delisting

In order to understand the meaning of delisting, one should first understand the meaning of listing. If you own a company and if you wish to provide marketability and liquidity to shareholders, you can prefer to issue company's shares in the primary market via IPO and list your company. Listing means admission of a company's securities to the trading platform of stock exchange like BSE or NSE. The term "delisting" of securities means permanent … [Read More...]

Tax Planning

Important Tax Rates For Assessment Year 2011-2012

Here is the list of important tax rates for assessment year 2011-2012 for easy reference. This tax rates are applicable to India as per the Indian Income Tax Act. These rates are subject to enactment of Finance Bill 2010 and rates are for the financial year … [Read More...]

Taxation Aspect of Indian Stock Market

Income derived from equity shares comprises dividends and capital appreciation. Dividends of Indian companies are tax free in the hands of share holders. The companies declaring dividends are required to pay Dividend Distribution Tax at rates prescribed … [Read More...]

Income not part of total income – Exempt Income

There are certain income for which exemptions are provided in the Income-tax Act. These exemptions are contained in sections 10 to 13A of the income-tax act. Some of these exemptions are given below:Some of the Income exempt under section 10Agricultural … [Read More...]

Government of India 8% Taxable Savings Bonds

The Government of India 8% taxable saving bond 2003, is an instrument for those investors who are seeking a secured return with almost no risk. It is not a good option for those investors who are looking for capital appreciation or high returns.Who can … [Read More...]